Auto Parts Warehouse Management 50 important internal control common sense

Warehouse has been the most important management of auto parts management, the company management window. Where the warehouse chaos, business management must be chaos. So I personally feel that a car to see a company management to not in place, look at his warehouse to know.

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1, warehouse management is the main responsibility for what?
Do the goods storage and out of the library work to ensure that the storage process of goods security, and with the enterprise sales to do inventory control and warehouse planning.
2, warehouse management work which?
1, make full use of warehouse conditions, do a good job of storage of goods;
2, the inventory of goods on a regular basis, so that the warehouse account, material, card match;
3, with the procurement department in close cooperation with the commodity inventory costs to a minimum.
3, should be included in the knowledge should be included?
1, the identification of the quality of accessories, can distinguish between the waste;
2, the daily maintenance of accessories products.
4, warehouse management personnel should have what test knowledge?
One, to understand the measurement tool knowledge platform scales, steel tape, ruler, tape, vernier caliper;
Second, understand the quality inspection knowledge Appearance quality inspection, intrinsic quality inspection;
5, the classification of the warehouse?
1, according to the warehouse in the circulation of goods in the functions: wholesale, retail;
2, according to storage conditions: the Treasury, shed, freight yard;
3, according to the type of storage goods: authentic warehouse, waste warehouse, transit warehouse, to be processed warehouse.
6, commodity number method and precautions?
Number method: level, parallel, mixed
Note: number to be concise, unique, classification, scalable, stable
7, warehouse management system, into the library, a library, back library
Warehousing: 1, commodity goods to accept the specification; 2, commodity acceptance and abnormal handling methods; 3, all kinds of goods storage methods; 4, all kinds of storage reporting
Out of the library; 1, a library audit procedures; 2, finished products out of the library operating norms; 3, warehouse items with the provisions
Is the waste back to the library: 1, is the definition of waste; 2, the return process; 3, the method of disposal of waste.
8, warehouse staff daily inspection content which?
1, check the door to check whether the abnormal, whether the loss of items
2, check whether the lock, brake, power outage and the existence of other insecurity
3, often check the library temperature, humidity, keep the ventilation
4, check flammable, explosive materials or other special materials are stored separately, properly kept.
9, acceptance quality should pay attention to what?
① inspection of goods packaging
② test the appearance of quality, whether it will affect sales.
10, which products should be fully seized? What products can be sampled, what proportion of standard sampling?
    1, large pieces of products must be seized;
   2, small pieces of packaging products sampling;
3, packaging damaged products need to improve the sampling rate.
12, what way to receive goods?
1, the railway line to receive goods
2, to the station terminal to accept the goods
3, to the supplier unit from the pick-up steps → ready to pick up the goods → go to the supplier unit → site acceptance → for shipping procedures → loading and unloading → quality re-inspection → check-in procedures → end
13, the establishment of commodity files to collect information, including what?
1, when the goods into the storage of various vouchers and technical information, such as commodity technology to prove that the certificate packing list, shipping schedule and so on.
2, the goods during the transport of various documents such as transport orders, freight records and so on.
3, commodity inspection and storage of warehousing and storage orders, acceptance records signed.
14, the management of commodity files should pay attention to the problem?
1, the file unified number, maintenance name, model, origin, units, suppliers and other attributes.
2, special three packs of products manufacturers number
3, pictures, specifications, size, technical requirements and other information.
15, the reasons for the occurrence of waste, prevention methods?
Cause: 1, transport damage; 2, improper storage; 3, the normal three packs of return;
Precautionary approach:
1, to strengthen the quality of storage products to the test, the quality of the first time with the supplier, logistics and communication to solve.
2, to strengthen the conservation of goods on the Treasury, to prevent the material insects, mold rot, corrosion and other phenomena.
3, the establishment of a first-in first-out material transmission and distribution system, and time-delay products, so as to avoid accumulation of too long and become stale products.
16, warehouse planning what steps?
1, in the entire warehouse within the planning of a special storage area
Authentic area, waste area, arrival area, shipping area, to be treated area, transit area
2, according to the characteristics of warehouses and storage of goods will be divided into different storage areas
Area + shelves (cargo) + location
3, the number of goods and goods for the management, in order to store the goods to the standardization of meticulous management.
17, when the layout of the warehouse to pay attention to what issues?
1, according to the reserve of goods to determine the position
2, according to the frequency of use of goods to determine the position
3, according to the requirements of commodity storage positions
4, according to the classification of goods planning positions.
18, warehouse storage area, color marked?
① yellow to be checked
② white to be treated area
③ green qualified commodity storage area
④ red unqualified commodity isolation area
19, what is ABC classification? How do I classify?
ABC classification is the inventory of goods by the variety and the amount of funds is divided into three levels, especially important inventory for the A class, the general important inventory for the B class is not important for the C class inventory, and then for different grades of goods Management and control.
Category: 1 inferred Commodity Year Use 2 Determine the price of each commodity 3 Calculate the amount of occupancy and order 4 Find the accumulated amount and the ratio 5 Make ABC analysis Figure 6 Analyze and determine the commodity category
20, ABC method inventory control points?
① procurement time
② daily consumption
③ safe stock
21, ABC classification of goods?
A class of goods accounted for 15% of the amount of inventory accounted for 70% -80% B class accounted for 30% of funds accounted for 15% -25% C class accounted for 55% / gold 5%
22, to improve the efficiency of the use of storage capacity of the main ways which?
1, reasonable planning layout, expand the effective area of the warehouse
2, to the development of space, so that the combination of weight
3, adjust the storage conditions, improve the use of warehouse capacity.
23, select the shelf should pay attention to which?
1, the physical characteristics of goods
2, the storage conditions of goods
3, warehouse facilities
4, the characteristics of warehouse operations
24, warehouse classification of storage products to adapt to follow the principles of what?
1, according to the type and nature of goods classified storage
2, according to the dangerous nature of goods classified storage
3, according to the attribution of goods classified storage
4, according to the mode of storage of goods
5, according to the characteristics of commodity storage operations classification
25, warehousing management in the role of modern logistics and distribution?
1, adjust the production and consumption
2, to ensure the smooth flow of goods
3, reduce the cost of goods transport
4, support to improve the quality of service.
26, what is the role of inventory?
Through the inventory can be found in the number of stocks on the surplus, shortages, the number of strings and other issues in order to timely find and analyze the reasons, to take measures to restore or reduce the loss
27, inventory method, way?
① cycle inventory
② regular inventory
③ temporary inventory mode: A inventory of single inventory; B disk point check point method; C material pieces signed point method; D partition roulette method; E sub-sub-stack point method; F minimum inventory
28, analysis of the reasons for inventory differences?
Start → check inventory records → ask inventory staff → review inventory accounts → determine the cause of the error → end
29, why should the temperature and humidity control and control warehouse?
Because when the warehouse temperature and humidity than the storage requirements of goods, not only will the quality of goods by direct damage, and may be a commodity deterioration, insects, mold rot, rust, aging and so on. Therefore, reasonable regulation and control of the warehouse temperature and humidity, is the primary problem of commodity maintenance.
30, how to adjust and control the temperature of the warehouse?
A heat prevention measures A night window cooling B air conditioner cooling C roof cooler cooling D roof water spray E roof insulation material cooling;
Two antifreeze A additional insulation material insulation B use of heating equipment insulation C closed warehouse cooling.
31, goods moisture and mold prevention methods which?
1, temperature control method
2, wet control method
3, chemical methods
4, deoxidizer oxygen removal method
5, low temperature cold mold anti-mildew
6, weather mold anti-mold method.
32, what are the main pests?
Black beetles, bamboo beetle, tobacco A saw steal, bag moth, sweater fish.
33, the method of pest control?
1, the physical control law A mechanical B gas control C temperature control D trap E ionizing radiation
2, chemical control A repellent B fumigant C insecticide
34, what is the classification of chemical dangerous goods?
1, explosive products (explosives, compressed gas and liquefied gas, oxidants and organic peroxides)
2, combustible goods (flammable liquids, flammable solids, spontaneous combustion objects, rain flammable items)
3, easy to harm the human body of goods (toxic products, corrosive goods, radioactive goods).
35, storage of dangerous chemicals precautions?
1, explosives prohibited with oxides, acids, salts and flammable materials, metal powder, etc. co-stored in a region
2, compressed gas and liquid should be special library special deposit, and in the library to install lightning protection device
3, is strictly prohibited oxidants, flammable liquids, flammable solids, spontaneous combustion objects, water flammable, acid, organic mixed
4, toxic products are strictly prohibited with food, food flavor, oxidants, acid coexistence of a total storage
36, packaging storage and transportation, dangerous goods logo size?
Usually four categories (70 * 50/50 * 50)
37, the reasons for the aging of goods?
① the inherent causes of commodity aging
② external causes of commodity aging.
38, for the protection of goods should take what measures?
1, to ensure that the warehouse clean, dry, to avoid the goods received direct sunlight, for the accumulation of polymer goods in the freight yacht that cover
2, according to the custody of goods, reasonable control of the warehouse temperature and humidity
3, to ensure the integrity of the packaging of goods, to avoid direct exposure to goods in the air.
4, the classification of high-molecular storage of goods, with its oil, corrosive, easy deliquescence, oxidation, water content of the goods stored separately.
5, to develop and strictly enforce the inventory of goods on a regular inspection system, found that the phenomenon of goods began to aging, it is necessary to take timely measures to deal with
6, the implementation of first-in first-out, easy to bad first reason, try to shorten the storage time of polymer products.
39, the role of commodity packaging?
1, the role of protection
2, easy to transport
3, to facilitate storage
40, the impact of packaging factors?
1, handling
2, custody
3, transport
41, what are the common packaging containers?
Bag / box / box / bottle / cans
42, what is the contents of the custody card?
1, that the state of the goods, such as pending, unqualified, qualified and so on
2, indicating the name of the goods, specifications, suppliers and batches
3, the goods out of the library and inventory and other information
43, warehouse security knowledge which?
1, to defend knowledge: A, knowledge of laws and regulations; B, safe production and operational knowledge; C, labor protection knowledge
2, fire knowledge: A, the Ministry of Construction issued the national standard «architectural design fire safety norms» (GB50016-2006) on the hazardous nature of storage materials, warehouse fire rating, level, safe evacuation and other knowledge; B, Ministry of Public Security » C, the Treasury commodity physical and chemical characteristics and special fire, fire requirements of knowledge; D, a variety of anti-fire equipment, the use of fire prevention equipment, the use of fire prevention equipment, And the scope of use.
44, storage prevention work includes?
Fire, pirates, moisture, rust, corrosion, mildew, rodent control, pest control, dust, explosion-proof leakage.
45, how to do a good job of labor protection?
1, for the workers to provide labor protection supplies
2, to improve working conditions
3, establish and improve the labor protection system.
46, warehouse security work, including what aspects of content?
1, guard the warehouse door, master the situation of the storage staff, and access to personnel to register.
2, to prevent non-warehouse personnel into the warehouse, is strictly prohibited, flammable, explosive and other dangerous goods into the warehouse
3, check the library certificate, check out the goods out of the library certificate is consistent, and do the appropriate record
4, day and night to keep the warehouse, to prevent illegal activities of illegal elements to ensure the safety of the warehouse.
47, how to do warehouse disaster prevention work?
1, the warehouse facilities, personnel and storage of goods responsible for the safety, to eliminate all kinds of insecurity, to ensure the safety of the warehouse
2, responsible for carrying out safety education in this warehouse, improve the safety awareness of warehouse operators
3, the full implementation of anti-typhoon, flood control, heatstroke, cold and antifreeze work to protect the safety of warehouses and storage
4, with the fire department for fire training and fire safety competition
5, and actively carry out the higher authorities and public security organs to pay the security work
6, the safety of the warehouse on a regular basis to sum up the proposed improvement.
48, fire type and equipped with fire fighting equipment
A, ordinary solid water fire extinguisher, acid and alkali fire extinguishers, foam fire extinguishers, halogenated fire extinguishers
B, liquid or meltable solid gasoline, paraffin, asphalt with dry powder fire extinguisher Halogen 1211,1301 fire extinguisher
C, gas substances gas, natural gas, methane dry powder fire extinguisher, haloalkane 1211,1301 fire extinguisher CO2 fire extinguisher
D, metal substances such as sodium and potassium dry sand.

49, the use of fire extinguisher steps?
1, portable or shoulder to the fire
2, about 5 meters away from the burning, put down the fire extinguisher, such as in the outdoor should be in the direction of the ejection
3, such as dry powder fire extinguisher is a plug-in pressure, should be one hand clenched gun, the other hand lift the cylinder to open the ring, in the case of hand wheel, then turn counterclockwise, spin to the highest position, at any time to mention fire extinguishers The
4, if the built-in gas cylinders or pressure-type, the operator should first open the plug on the pull, and then hold the front of the spray hose nozzle, the other hand will open the pressure to press, open the fire extinguisher Carry out fire fighting
5, when the dry powder spray, should be quickly aligned with the flame root, left and right shaking, so that dry powder can quickly cover the surface of the burning object.
50, when the fire alarm call should pay attention to matters?
1, to clarify the specific location of the warehouse
2, that the library storage of material types, futures and burning situation
3, indicating the general structure of the warehouse is a cottage, buildings
4, to clarify their names, units and telephone numbers
5, after the alarm to send someone at the junction waiting for the arrival of a fire engine to guide the fire engines to the fire road, in order to quickly and accurately reach the fire location.

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